Apocalypse Mod 0.1.5 Released, New Server Available

Hey folks,

Today marks the release of Apocalypse Mod 0.1.5. The Apocalypse Mod L4D1 server project has been migrated to GitHub, and there will be some ongoing code refactoring and performance optimizing in the future. The project is not in active development, but I’ll be performing ongoing maintenance to ensure there is always a working Apocalypse server available and fix any outstanding issues. If you encounter any reproducible server crashes/restarts/errors please create an issue on the GitHub project.

I’ve also created some detailed installation instructions in the readme, so server admins can install the mod with relative ease. It’s as easy as downloading the build folder and following the instructions. If you’re running Apocalypse Mod on your server, please let me know and I’ll add it to a list on /.

Additionally, I’ve set up a server running stock Apocalypse Mod. As usual, you can force your lobby to connect to the server (if it’s available) with “mm_dedicated_force_servers” (enter in game console) or connect directly with “connect”. To the sane people who don’t want to type in console commands, you can now click a link on the sidebar of the Apocalypse Mod website to load up the game (if not already open) and connect for you.

Handy Links:
GitHub: https://github.com/lucaspenney/ApocalypseMod
Website: /

That’s all for now folks. Apocalypse Mod is now over 4 years old, having first being publicly playable just before the release of Left 4 Dead 2. There are newer projects ahead, but we must never forget the old ones!


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