Apocalypse Server Mod (L4D1)


The Dynamic Director – An improved, adaptive AI director system with a sense of humor

Dynamic Finales – Courtesy of the Dynamic Director, finales are never the same

Apocalypse Versus – A more balanced versus set in Apocalypse Mod for both casual and competitive players to enjoy

Custom Items – Flares, Ammo, and Trip Mines to bring more fun to the apocalypse

Lighting Modifications – Because day time is no time for zombie killing

Chattermod – Works to add more communication and chit-chat between the survivors

More gore – Because zombies don’t stop at a single lost limb

Apocalypse Tanks – Fire immune, bodyshot-resistant, and angry as hell. No frustration timer in versus.

Tanks and witches are vulnerable to explosives of any kind

Survivors have no glows to see through walls, and can crawl when incapacitated

Weapons are balanced to all be equal – no more tiers

That’s just a glimpse of what Apocalypse Mod is all about – You’ll have to play it to get the feel for the rest!

Development Blog

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